Welcome to the Club Meeting WikiEdit

For known people only!!

No strangers.

Welcome members of the IvyGirl gang we encourage you to make your profile pages and remind you not to use personal info that can let strangers track you down.




  • Never leave mean comments
  • Please cooperate and express ideas in a calm and collected manner.
  • Do not use repeated capital letters as it may look like you are shouting.
  • Do not change other peoples pages unless you have asked them.
  • If you have been hurt or insulted by someone on the wiki, put a comment on thesmartkiddo or izzysoda's profile page, (37404ss or 9698kt). 
  • Only the admin can change your status. 
  • Please put your email address if you want to join. We will send a form to you. 
  • The IvyGirls love animals except koalas. any offence made to them will not be tolerated. 
  • Never add any other members profiles without there permission  
  • "idiot, noob, lame, stupid" are rude words  
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